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About Us

Welcome to Meadowlark Montessori, Inc., an Arizona nonprofit private school based on the Montessori Method of education that also provides enrichment programs to homeschool families. At the present time, Meadowlark Montessori is primarily engaged as a homeschool support organization.

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Meadowlark's Homeschool Enrichment Programs

Meadowlark's enrichment programs for homeschool families include supplemental elementary education and tutoring in a classroom environment two or three days per week. At least one third of the time includes school-sponsored enhancement activities such as field trips and hands-on experience with art, nature, practical life skills, socialization and recreation activities.

Our Parent Partnership

Parents who enroll their registered homeschool students in either a two or three-day per week combination of supplemental support programs are recognized as members of the Meadowlark Montessori Homeschool Community and may be present, come and go, and engage in any or all of the school's support programs and activities during those times. Meadowlark employs a Montessori-trained instructor who is primarily responsible for carrying out the school's programs together with other assistants and parent volunteers as needed. 

We are here to support you in giving your child a quality education!

About Us: About Us
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